Spread the word

Here are some ways you can help make BiCon bigger and better.

  • If you've been before and loved it, let people know!
  • Like BiCon on Facebook and follow BiCon on Twitter. Tweet about BiCon with the hashtag #bicon and using our handle, @biconuk
  • Give out some of our flyers or use our web graphics below on your blog or website…

Order free flyers

We've got a load of bi-fabulous A6 flyers that we'd love you to place around your area. We'll send you some for free!

Web graphics

You're welcome to use these images to link to us from your website or blog.

BiCon 2015 logo - half-stacked version

BiCon 2015 logo - long version

BiCon 2015 logo - full-stacked version

2 thoughts on “Spread the word

  1. Can I help you with your digital marketing? I sent in a 'can you pass this on please' thing to last year's organisers and they said they would, but I guess it got lost.

  2. Thanks Suraya, we don't have a lot to say right now, but we could certainly use help when we do. I've passed this on to Lisa who's publicity person and she'll be in touch.

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