Person at BiCon Bisexuality Convention wearing suit and bowler hat

So, you're coming to BiCon! Excellent choice. Here's all the information you'll need to get there and have a great time...

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Your BiCon guide

Person blowing bubbles at night at BiCon bisexuality convention

Want to find out more about bisexuality? Meet other bisexuals? Wondering if you're bisexual and want to explore it? Bi...

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What is BiCon?

BiCon attendee sitting outdoors in the evening, smiling

Forgetting something vital might put a bit of a damper on things, so we've come up with a handy list of things you might...

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Things to bring

Over the years, BiCon has been one place that work in and for the bi community can be recognised, in the form of The Cak...

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Suggest a Cake award