Person at BiCon Bisexuality Convention wearing suit and bowler hat

Your BiCon guide

So, you're coming to BiCon! Excellent choice.

Here's all the information you'll need to get there and have a great time. We'll provide alternative versions of these here as soon as we can. No need to print the handbook or programme timetable – you'll get printed copies on arrival.

If you're booked, you should have had an email confirming your booking and accommodation if you're staying on site. Check your spam folder and if you haven't got anything, email 2015bookings@deleted.

1. Before BiCon

2. Get yourself there

How to get to University Park Campus, University of Nottingham

3. When you arrive

4. At BiCon

  • Handbook – PDF, 507KB: about the sessions and entertainment, who's giving them, code of conduct and loads of other useful stuff.
  • Timetable – PDF, 35KB: when the sessions and entertainments happen, so you can design your BiCon plan.
  • Question during BiCon? Ask at the registration desk, on Twitter or Facebook, or in an emergency, call 07492 621557.