Getting to BiCon

Getting to the venue once in Nottingham

BiCon is at University of Nottingham, University Park Campus, at the Engineering and Science Learning Centre (ESLC) and Lenton and Wortley Halls.

Find out where to register – it depends on when you arrive.


It's about 3 miles from Nottingham Station to Lenton and Wortley Halls. Some people would walk this in around 50 minutes.

By bus

See Jennifer's brilliant information on buses to BiCon.

Fares are £2 for adults, £1 for students with ID and children. Day tickets are £3.50 each or £4.50 for a 'group rider' for two adults and up to three children. They do not give change.

By taxi

There is a taxi rank on the north side of Nottingham Station. The fare to University Park Campus should be £7 to £9.

  • For a minicab, try Nottingham Cars on 0115 9700700.
  • For black cabs and larger, wheelchair accessible cabs try Royal Cabs on 01159 608 608

By car

Go to the main University of Nottingham entrance on Beeston Lane off the A6464. This will take you to a gate where a security guard can give you directions to Lenton and Wortley Hall or the Engineering and Science Learning Centre (ESLC) for registration. Where to register.

You can get a free permit to park for the duration of BiCon – ask at the desk when you register.

You can use the parking nearest either the halls or ESLC while you register. After you've registered and taken bags to your room if needed, please move your car to the main car park at the centre of the campus, near Hugh Stewart Hall – see BiCon venue map – PDF, 382KB – unless you need to keep your car closer for mobility reasons.

Getting to Nottingham

By coach

If you don't mind the extra time it takes, travelling by coach is often cheapest. Book through National Express.

Lift sharing

If you want to keep your costs down by offering lifts to BiCon in your car, or get a lift in someone else's, try Liftshare. Do make sure you take appropriate safety precautions.

If you want to talk to other BiCon-goers directly about sharing rides, tweet us or post details on our Facebook page and we'll share.

By train

Tips for getting the cheapest tickets:

  • Buy as early as possible – prices go up as the date of travel approaches.
  • Buy from the train company you're travelling with, rather than through a site like TheTrainLine.
  • Two single tickets is usually cheaper than a return.
  • If you have to book nearer the time when the tickets are more expensive, ticket splitting can get you a better deal.

Going from or through London:

  • Direct from London St Pancras to Nottingham with East Midlands Trains. That's also the site for journeys from or through places like Leicester, Sheffield, Liverpool and Manchester, although you may have to change.
  • Via Grantham with Virgin East Coast. That's also the route to consider if coming from York, Newcastle or Scotland. The change to or from Nottingham on East Midlands or Cross Country is to another platform and is step-free.

If coming from or through West Yorkshire – Leeds, Barnsley and Sheffield – you may use Northern Rail.

If coming from the South West or South of England, South Wales, North West England, North East or East Anglia, CrossCountry is an option.

From abroad

  • The Eurostar to London arrives at St Pancras Station. It's a simple change of platform for trains to Nottingham.
  • If you are flying, East Midlands Airport is the closest.

You may find the Go Euro travel planner useful for comparing the cost of different means of travel.

10 thoughts on “Getting to BiCon

  1. Regarding transport – It would be useful to know what times things start off on the Thursday/Friday and what time things finish on the Sunday, to know what time to book tickets for so as not to miss anything! Cheers 🙂

    • On the Thursday, you can check-in from about 3pm.

      On the Friday and Saturday, the first things (after breakfast, for those staying on-site) will be at about 9:30am.

      On Sunday, the closing plenary will be on until 1pm-ish, and everyone will be expected to be off the site by 3pm.

  2. What is the address of the building we are going to at Nottingham Uni if we have booked accommodation? I will be arriving by coach on the Thursday, but don't know where I am going when I get off the coach.
    Thanks 🙂


    • Hi Kylie. The halls are at the University of Nottingham University Park Campus. They don't seem to have their own addresses, but if you look at something like Google Maps, you can see where exactly they are within that campus. Most people will be in Lenton and Wortley Hall, but there will be some in Hugh Stewart Hall. You'll receive your hall name and room number around two weeks before BiCon. Please do get in touch with if you need further information.

  3. Do you happen to know any good local mini cab numbers for the area? I'm most likely arriving by train an while I know you've given taxi info above, I'm assuming they're black cabs and I'm trying to watch my costs. If they would be the same fare, then it obviously doesn't matter, but if you can give me any additional info I'd appreciate it.

  4. I've seen vague references to parking by the halls, but are there any restrictions like charges,
    permits that have to be displayed on the dashboard, limited spaces that have to be requested
    in advance or similar?

    Knowing I have a safe and legal place to park at the end of a 4 hour drive would be a huge reassurance.

    • Hi Rebecca, drivers need to pick up a free parking permit when they check in to BiCon. There will be enough spaces for everyone although we are asking people who can to park in the main car park to leave the ones next to the Halls for those with access needs.


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