I didn't have a chance to book – can I just turn up?

Yes! You can buy a ticket for BiCon on the door with cash or a cheque.


Are bedding and towels provided?

Yes, if you book accommodation, rooms come with bedding, towels and a hotel-style toiletries kit.

What happens if I want to bring a child with me?

You're welcome to bring children to BiCon. There will be childcare – a crèche – covering all the session times. You'll need to pre-book your children in.


Do day passes cover the evening's entertainments?


How can I help spread the word about BiCon?

It'd be amazing if you could! We've put together some information, self-print posters and flyers and web graphics to help you tell people about BiCon.

What do people wear at BiCon?

You can dress up or wear whatever you usually wear. Nipples, genitals and bums need to be covered, though.

Is there a BiReCon in 2015?

BiReCon is a bisexual research conference that happens every second year as part of BiCon, organised by BiUK. There is no BiReCon in 2015, but there will be a Euro BiReCon in 2016.

How do I find out more about BiCon, bisexual groups in my area and the bisexual community?