Childcare: the crèche

The childcare, or crèche, at BiCon this year is provided by Bulwell Community Toy Library.


The crèche will be in the same building as the main sessions, the Engineering and Science Learning Centre (ESLC).

Opening times

The crèche will be open across BiCon's full session time:

Friday and Saturday: 9.30am to 6.30pm

Sunday: 9.30am to 1pm

Do I need to book?

Yes. We need to know how many children will be using the crèche, as there are rules about how many children per crèche worker. Please email 2015bookings@deleted to book for the crèche or include it in your booking form.

Pre-booked children will always be given priority.

Do I have to pay to use the crèche?


Should I still tell BiCon I'm bringing children, even if I don't want to use the crèche?

Yes. Please email 2015bookings@deleted or include it in your booking form to let us know if you're bringing children to BiCon. We need to know because:

  • everyone at BiCon will need a registration badge
  • if we know you’re bringing children we may be able to help in other ways, like giving you a more suitable bedroom or making sure there are more child-friendly sessions.

1 thought on “Childcare: the crèche

  1. This has made me smile although I don't thibk my small will be in the creche the whole time it is wonderful to know it is there as a option so I can make the most of sessions I wish to attend which perhaps arent suitable for her tender ears 🙂

    Thank you BiCon team and creche provkders for making this Nuhmee smile who is a lone parent who doesnt get much small human free time,

    Due to the extended creche hours I may even manage a hot drink that hasnt been reheated several times first xx

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