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People who go to BiCon create the programme by offering sessions and entertainment. There are usually 70 or more sessions and entertainments across the weekend, so there’s always a lot to choose from.

The full programme

The Timetable is now available, and you can also read all about each session in the BiCon Handbook.

Here are a few examples of what's on the programme this year.

The only bi in the village?

What is it like to be bisexual and living in a small town, village or even more remote areas?

Flirting with women for women

Do you have trouble knowing when you’re being flirted with? Or trouble expressing interest? Do you have tips to share? Come along and let’s discuss it.

Nonbinary gender identity and expression

What gender outside of the binary looks like and the practical aspects of living as nonbinary.

Messing about in boats!

What better way to spend some time than simply messing around in boats! Come and live out your inner 'Ratty and Mole' for a general mess about.

Campaigning together against biphobia

Get an update on Stonewall’s consultation with bi people and share your thoughts about future campaigns to tackle biphobia.

Live action speed dating

Want to meet new people but find speed dating too nerve-racking? Let’s make it a game…

Transgender, transitioned, non-binary and agender space

A relaxed space for transgender, transitioned, non-binary and agender people to talk about whatever we want.

Naked lunch

BiCon's clothes-optional picnic; a social get-together, with nudity! Informal, friendly, calm with lots of chill-out space. You don't have to be naked; dress or undress however you are comfortable.

The art of looking sideways

Using word cut-ups, blackout poetry and collage as ‘found art’, this is a fabulous introduction to expressive art.

Reducing racism at BiCon and LGBTQ+ spaces

Bi and other majority-white LGBTQ+ spaces are often unsafe, unwelcoming and unfriendly to black and minority ethnic (BME) people, even though this is rarely anyone's intention. We'll identify and discuss some issues which are part of the problem and and ways each of us can help.

Neurodiverse safe chill space

A short escape for those adults who are either diagnosed with or self identify as neurodiverse. for example ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, living on the autism spectrum, tourettes and more.

Tea tasting

Bring a mug and come along and try different kinds of tea.

Solo poly

For people who are or are interested in solo polyamory. Discussing different ways we can have healthy relationships off the relationship escalator.

Bellydancing for beginners

A relaxed, fun and very interactive session open to all. Join in as much as you feel comfortable or able to do so, with no spectators please. It will cover the very basics of bellydance and give you some moves you can take away and practise at home.

We’re not getting any younger

A session to think about how things are for us as we age. What do we want as ageing bisexuals? What services would we wish to see? How can we help LGBT+ and other organisations to remember we exist?

Fat femme clothes swap

Open to anyone who self-identifies as a fat, curvy or plus-sized woman or trans feminine person. Please bring any unwanted or pre-loved clothes to swap. Clothes remaining after the swap will be donated to a women's shelter.

History of Bisexuals of Colour

Find out what Bis of Colour have been up to since its creation at BiCon 2010. Hear a report on the group's progress, the survey, the ongoing history project and our future plans. This session is open to everyone, regardless of ethnicity.

Feminism 101 for men

A space to learn the basics of being a better feminist ally and get those early simple mistakes out of the way safely.

Bi sci-fi

LGBT+ sexuality in science fiction.

Bisexual experience of mental health and emotional distress support

What should counsellors and therapists know about bisexuals before working with us?

Sign language social

An informal social for people with sign language skills to chat in sign, meet other signers and learn from one another.

Storytelling workshop

Create, adapt, retell and perform short fairytales.

Ace space

A safe discussion space for asexuals.

Being a better ally

Discuss the best ways to be a bisexual ally and the behaviours to avoid.

Love bisexuals, hate hate crime

All about a large campaign to tackle hate crime against LGBT+ people, funded by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission.

Bis of Colour

We all know what is like to be ‘othered’ by our sexuality and this space is for those who are ‘othered’ by virtue of their ethnicity. A safe-space session for all those who identify as being Black, politically Black or from a minority ethnic group.

Basic self-defence

An interactive session covering some of the basics of self defence, including discussion, awareness and safety tips, demonstrations and opportunities to try out some moves.

Bi carers meetup

Open to any BiCon attendees who provide or receive care, including carers of all kinds – full-time, live-in carers, part-time carers or those caring from a distance, and people with all kinds of care needs, this session aims to provide a space to talk, listen and support each other.

Celebration of achievement of bi visibility by trade unions

A historical look at how bi visibility has been incorporated into the LGBT+ movement in trade unions.

How to start your own bi group

Want to try running your own group but not sure where to start? This workshop will take you through almost everything you need to know.

Complicated? Bi people and UK services

Presentation of and discussion about the final results of “Complicated?” – a survey of bi people and UK services.

Purple Prose: a British bisexual guide

Come and hear how the book about bisexuality in the UK is coming along, give us your thoughts or contribute to the project.

The asexual spectrum

An overview of asexuality, what asexual relationships look like and the wider spectrum of grey-asexual experiences – including romantic orientation, demisexuality, aromantics, grey-sexuals, biromantics and bisensuals – then a moderated discussion on nonsexual intimacy and the intersections of the asexual spectrum with the bi and poly communities.

Polyamory as a parent

If you are already a parent or thinking of becoming a parent and want to have a polyamorous lifestyle this session will give you some insight into the issues you will face and the choices you may want to consider making in trying to balance the needs of the people you love.

Drawing: disrupting pattern

Discuss the significance of patterns and why people may want to disrupt them, then use simple everyday wallpaper patterns to explore ways of mark making and disruption of marks, creating a large scroll by all participants. At the end there'll be a chance to discuss the meaning of what has been made in relation to everyday experience of bisexuality.

People who lift meet-up

Meet-up and trip to the campus gym to lift weights together – informal technique-sharing and encouragement.

Board games: more than Monopoly

Learn to play some amazing board games you've probably never played before.

Steven Universe sing-along

Join other Crystal Gems and sing along to the songs from Steven Universe.

Introduction to diversity

To make bi spaces more inclusive, we need to be more skilled in dealing with equality issues. We will explore top tips for equality and include time for anonymous questions.

Language(s) of bisexuality

Look at both the positive and negative ways bisexuality is talked about in English and as many other languages the participants know, with the aim of empowering our bi positive language use.

BDSM for beginners

An introduction to BDSM for anyone with little or no experience. Covering language and activates, consent and safety, some hints and tips, and answering questions.

Safer sex – and how to negotiate it with partners

Presented by a registered nurse and author – a session on what safer sex is and isn’t. It will also be an opportunity for people to share their experiences of negotiating safer sex and will provide practical tools for how to negotiate this better in future.

What did Jesus really say about sexuality (and other things)?

Think that Jesus preached family values? Or that he never mentioned sex? Think again. This session will draw on recent research as well as giving you an opportunity to explore your own reactions to some of Jesus' teachings about sex, sexuality and relationships.

Setting and maintaining boundaries

Boundaries are an important part of how we interact with others – but what are they, as differentiated from etiquette and social contracts? Practice some interactions around boundaries, using hypothetical examples.

Introduction to polyamory

An introduction to polyamory for everyone just starting out on the road to ethical non-monogamy, covering common problems you might encounter, ways to start, what style might make you happiest, strange new words and how not to mess up.

Shaping Biscuit Magazine

Biscuit is a new(-ish) volunteer-run online magazine for bi* women. The aim of this session is to find out what kind of content you’d like to see on Biscuit, and to add to our pool of staff and writers.

Dementia Friends information session

Learn a bit about dementia and how you can have a positive impact on people living with dementia.

Bi parenting

Society has many expectations of parents, often including being straight, monogamous, cisgendered, in a nuclear family… this is a discussion and get-together for anyone who currently parents, has parented, or is planning to parent, who in some way doesn't fit into those categories.

Feminism in the 21st century

Exploring what feminism means to us today, what is has to offer, and how we relate to it in the twenty-first century. A relaxed and fun approach to exploring feminist politics.

Feminism 101 for “men”

We will briefly cover privilege and where feminism arises in everyday life, which may not be immediately obvious to someone who is not disadvantaged by the patriarchy daily.

Survivors of abuse

BiCon can be an emotional and triggering time for people who have survived abuse. This confidential session is a chance to find out what safety-nets are on offer at BiCon, and a chance for people to make connections with others who may need a friendly face during the event.

Fitting and misfitting

Ever felt like you're "not a proper bisexual", or "not bi enough"? Ever questioned where you fit in the community, including for instance if you are not bi, or as someone wondering whether they might be bi? These and other interesting questions will be explored in this session.

Fat positivity

A space for talking about the cultural rules about what is an ‘acceptable’ fat person, borrowing Gayle Rubin’s idea of a Charmed Circle.

Using personal stories to teach about bisexuality

Ideas for crafting and sharing stories from our personal experiences to embolden us and others to share about bisexuality, and hopefully improve society’s understanding, acceptance and support/celebration.


Do you think different? Is your profile a little spiky? Do you take flirt blindness to dizzying new levels? Discuss the experiences of the developmentally neuro-divergent, such as AD(H)D, autistic spectrum conditions, executive dysfunction, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, NLD and sensory processing disorder.

Queer Herstory: Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera

Two amazing trans women of colour, how they started the Stonewall Riots and fought for queer rights and liberation.

Do I have to go to sessions? Can I just hang out?

It's entirely up to you how you spend your BiCon. Most people go to something in at least some of the session slots, but you can just hang out in the cafe, bar or any other social space if you prefer.

16 thoughts on “Sessions

  1. Hi,

    I'm representing Bi people on the National LGBT Hate Crime project (funded by the Equality and Human Rights Commission) and am wondering if I could run a workshop please on what hate crime is, and what to do if you are the victim of it or see someone else being victimised, and also to get feedback from Bisexuals about the project. Thanks
    Surya 🙂

  2. Hi..I can only really come for 1 day and I'm trying to decide which one would be best. Any ideas if there's workshop or session around poly issues and if so when this would be? Can ant further info be given about what sessions are on and when? Thanks a lot. 🙂

    • Hi Becky. There is usually more than one poly-related session, so chances are you'll catch one whether you go Friday or Saturday. We're regularly posting more sessions on this page, in fact, if you look above, six sessions have been added since you commented. The final programme and timetable comes out about two weeks before BiCon – late July/early August.

      If you're going to pick just one day of BiCon, there are two schools of thought: some say go Friday because you can come back Saturday if you decide you want more. Others say go on the Saturday as that's when there are the most people.

    • Oops, sorry about that Becky – I spoke wrongly. Our programme person says that it's most likely that there will be at least one poly-related session on Saturday. So if you're only coming one day and you want to decide now, Saturday might be your best bet. Alternatively, you could wait until the programme comes out and register on the day

  3. I'm non-binary and have a fair few femme clothes that need rehoming. Is it possible I could bring them to bi con to donate to the clothes swap without entering the space?

  4. I also have a question about the fat femme clothes swap, which I attended last year, but this year the summary seems to be phrased in such a way as to exclude me – I'm curvy, plus-sized, femme, but not a woman, I'm agender, however I'm perceived as female almost entirely and only out as non-binary at BiCon. Would I be welcome to attend, or should I do as Jamie above and just donate what I bring without entering the space?

    • You're very welcome at BiCon. BiCon welcomes anyone with a positive interest in bisexuality, no matter how they identify in terms of gender and sexual orientation.

    • Clarified with the person running the clothes swap – you are welcome to attend. Wording has been amended to be more inclusive. Thanks for raising this.

  5. I like the clothes swap idea, and it would be nice to do general clothes swaps for everyone – it's not just a femme thing to enjoy clothes, maybe just tables of broader classifications (dresses, trews, scarves, shirts, hats) and find what fits?
    Maybe next time 🙂

    • Great idea! What's on the programme for BiCon comes about because of what sessions people offer, so if you're interested in having such a session in future years, please do offer it!

      • "Queering Shakespeare" sounds wonderful though I'm guessing it's not on offer this year? Would love to offer something on being both bi and disabled at a future event! I've written on representations of disability in history while at University and am just beginning to write on bi identity issues. Hoping to get much inspiration out of this year!

        • Hi Rebecca – the full session listings for BiCon 2015 are now available – see the link "Handbook" above. Queering Shakespeare isn't offered this year but hopefully you'll find plenty you like.

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