The Team

Every year BiCon is brought to you by volunteers. Here are this year's bunch.

Rowan – Director and Head of Everything

Rowan has run loads of BiCons and mysteriously hasn't learnt to stop doing it. She's heading up the team, planning the Ball and no doubt lots of other things.

Jude – Bookings Coordinator

Jude is a neurofabulous queer who is still learning to be a functioning adult. Their role is organising the bookings and this is their first time on a BiCon team.

Ludy – Access Coordinator

Ludy is autistic, an activist and an aunty. She's a  knitter and probably drinks too much coffee. She is working on access for disabled people and for children and families

Pierrette – Desk Coordinator

Pierrette (also known as Pirate) is small, happy and generally full of energy. Passionate about her work as a Museum Conservator and rapidly discovering a love for bi activism, this is her first year on the BiCon Team. Pierrette is helping with venues and will be running the info and registration desk.

Sharon Frederick – Sessions Programme Coordinator

Sharon Frederick, aka SF, is a Yorkshireperson living in London, who likes chairing meetings and doing puzzles, and is looking forward to putting the latter into practice to arrange this year's programme.

Ian – Tech

Ian is, and has been for a while. He's responsible for the website and other techy stuff.

When he says he is bad at remembering names and faces, he is not joking – the photos here are as much for his benefit as anyone else's 🙂

Libby – Friday Entertainments

Libby is a writer, book nerd and accidental activist currently living in London. This is her 3rd time on a BiCon team.

Luce – Support Services

Luce is a charity worker, volunteer advocate and nurse and is loving life in the sunny city of Glasgow.  She'll be helping to keep you all healthy(ish) and will be giving the newbies someone to ask questions of. This is her first year on a BiCon team, so treat her gently!

Suraya – Communications

Suraya is a bright spark of digital communication and accessibility.

8 thoughts on “The Team

  1. Hi! I'm very excited at the prospect of attending my first BiCon this year with my fantastic fella (Giles Williams) and would love some details of the next planned event. Many thanks and kind regards, Sarah 'Ratty' Pipkin

  2. Didn't realise this wonderful event existed . So looking forward to attending and meeting like minded people , especially the men 🙂

  3. I didn't know the correct email address to get in touch but i was just wondering, will there be any security around the accommodation blocks and the university throughout bicon

    • Hi Sophie – yes there will be security in the accommodation, social and daytime spaces. We also require every BiCon attendee to wear a badge throughout the event, which helps the security and organisers make sure that only the people who are supposed to be at BiCon are at BiCon.

    • Hi Jon. There are rooms in the on-site accommodation still available, so if you book now you will get one. Bookings close 11:59pm on Friday 10 July. If you are unable to book now for any reason, we'll be posting some information about good accommodation options after the deadline.

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