Buffet lunch - photograph by Mat @ PEK, Taiwan

Food and access

Buffet lunch - photograph by Mat @ PEK, TaiwanThis year BiCon will be catered. This means breakfast and dinner included for those staying on site, and a buffet lunch is included for everyone.

If you book in advance and specify on your booking form, special diets can be catered for. We're also making sure that at least half the food is vegetarian.

We understand that food or eating with others can be difficult for some people. If this affects you, we want to do anything we can to help.

For example:

  • We will publish menu choices in advance so that you can have some time to decide what you want to eat.
  • There will be takeaway containers available so that you can take food away and eat it anywhere you wish, such as somewhere private or somewhere quieter.
  • If you'd prefer not to go to the place where food is being served, if we're asked in advance, we can arrange for someone to bring food to you.

If you may find eating at BiCon difficult for any reason, please contact 2015access@deleted. We will discuss your needs with you in confidence and work out a way to make things as easy as possible.

6 thoughts on “Food and access

  1. Will there be dinner on Thursday night? If not, can someone suggest somewhere to eat, or buy food to eat on site, *very* near station or venue?

    • If you pre-booked your day/weekend ticket, lunch is included. If you bought it during BiCon, lunch is not included. Sorry for the lack of clarity.

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