Access Fund – now closed

The Access Fund is now closed.

BiCon has a long history of making equality and access a priority within the limits of our non-profit volunteer structure. Each year many people donate to make the Access Fund possible.

The Access Fund exists to make BiCon more possible for people who are experiencing a financial, accessibility or equality hardship.

How to apply to the Access Fund

The Access Fund is now closed.

Can I apply to the Access Fund?

Anyone can apply, and we encourage you to apply anyway if you're unsure.

Here are some examples of when we might give funding.

  • Ahmed is disabled and needs support during BiCon. Ahmed’s friend Robert is a bisexual ally and has volunteered to support Ahmed in the mornings and nights at BiCon. The Access Fund could fund Robert’s BiCon.
  • Beth lives with her partner Ellen and their toddler son. Ellen has just lost her job; Beth works part-time in a call centre. Beth’s sister has agreed to care for their son, but they still cannot afford the full cost of two BiCon bookings. The Access Fund could reduce Beth's BiCon to the unwaged rate.
  • Rupy is a student. She has large debts from university fees and loans for the cost of living. The Access Fund could reduce Rupy’s registration costs.
  • Felix lost his job a month ago and is still waiting to receive benefits. The Access Fund could reduce some of the costs of his BiCon.
  • Anita is Deaf and has asked for help hearing people during BiCon. The Access Fund could be used to hire equipment for her to use at BiCon.
  • Kwasi can only walk a short distance and is worried about the distance between buildings at BiCon. The Access Fund could be used to pay for some taxis for him.

Give to the Access Fund

Your donations to the Access Fund, large or small, can make a huge difference. Donations to the Access Fund will not be used for anything else and the identity of donors is kept confidential.

The easiest way to contribute is to give by PayPal:

If you'd like to give to the Access Fund another way, please contact us.

I have a question about the Access Fund!

Please email fund@deleted.