Decision-Making Plenary (DMP) Agenda

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1. Welcome and Introduction 2. Proposal to use this year’s BiCon surplus to fund training for future BiCon organisers 3. Guideline changes: i. Add to guideline B17 about smoking: ‘ – this includes electronic cigarettes or similar devices.’ ii. Add to guideline B17 about smoking: ‘BiCon teams should make efforts to ensure that smoking areas … Read moreDecision-Making Plenary (DMP) Agenda

Your BiCon guide

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So, you're coming to BiCon! Excellent choice. Here's all the information you'll need to get there and have a great time. We'll provide alternative versions of these here as soon as we can. No need to print the handbook or programme timetable – you'll get printed copies on arrival. If you're booked, you should have had an email confirming your booking … Read moreYour BiCon guide