Saturday dinner arrangements

Thank you for your patience on Friday for those who had to queue for dinner. We realise that queueing is difficult for some people, so we have made the following arrangements for tonight: Dinner will now begin 45 minutes earlier, at 6pm. It will still last until 8pm. If you have difficulty standing in queue, […]

Decision-Making Plenary (DMP) Agenda

1. Welcome and Introduction 2. Proposal to use this year's BiCon surplus to fund training for future BiCon organisers 3. Guideline changes: i. Add to guideline B17 about smoking: ' – this includes electronic cigarettes or similar devices.' ii. Add to guideline B17 about smoking: 'BiCon teams should make efforts to ensure that smoking areas […]

Your BiCon guide

So, you're coming to BiCon! Excellent choice. Here's all the information you'll need to get there and have a great time. We'll provide alternative versions of these here as soon as we can. No need to print the handbook or programme timetable – you'll get printed copies on arrival. If you're booked, you should have had an email confirming your booking […]

Things to bring

Forgetting something vital might put a bit of a damper on things, so we've come up with a handy list of things you might bring to BiCon. If in doubt, many long-time BiCon goers suggest packing light. Your journey will be easier and you'll spend less time looking for things. For all Travel details or train tickets […]

Suggest a Cake award

Over the years, BiCon has been one place that work in and for the bi community can be recognised, in the form of The Cake Awards for individuals and the Ilitha Awards for organisations. See who has received Cakes in the past. We know there are many more who deserve one. Please tell us about […]

Many sessions and entertainments announced

As well as meeting people and being able to relax and enjoy yourself in a bi-majority space, everyone looks forward to BiCon's sessions and entertainment. The full BiCon programme comes out about two weeks before – we'll post it here and all those booked to attend will receive it by email. So how about a sneak peek? We're […]

200 bookings and more rooms!

BiCon bookings have been so strong this year – we've just broken through 200 bookings! With BiCon still more than 11 weeks away, this is very exciting. And our large number of early bookings has meant the University of Nottingham can give us more rooms! These extra rooms are: Of the popular 'Paired, Shared Bathroom' (PSB) type, […]