Person blowing bubbles at night at BiCon bisexuality convention

What is BiCon?

Person blowing bubbles at night at BiCon bisexuality conventionWant to find out more about bisexuality? Meet other bisexuals? Wondering if you're bisexual and want to explore it? BiCon might be for you.

BiCon is an annual meeting of bisexuals from around the UK and the world, some coming from as far as Australia. It's the UK's biggest bi event, attracting several hundreds.

Whether you want to get involved in activism against biphobia or have a bit of fun and make new friends, BiCon can be whatever you want it to be.

This year, BiCon is at the University of Nottingham (it's not a student event – we use university venues because they're affordable and more accessible), 13 to 16 August 2015.

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2 thoughts on “What is BiCon?

  1. How do I apply for tickets to the 2015 BICON social gathering. Is there a cost and is there a membership fee for becoming a member.

    • Hi. We will be opening bookings "soon" and will be announcing here and on Twitter when that happens.

      There is a cost. It will depend on how much you earn, and on things like whether or not you are coming for one day or the whole event, and whether you are staying 'onsite' in the accommodation we have arranged or elsewhere. If you are staying onsite, you will need to book in advance, otherwise you can just turn up on the day (though it is always useful to know roughly how many people are planning to do that!) Again, we will be announcing the details in the next few weeks.

      There isn't a membership fee – each year's BiCon is a separate event and your registration covers your attendence.

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