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Would you like to run a session or provide entertainment at BiCon? We’d love to hear from you. Select the button below to fill in our form.

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What are sessions at BiCon like?

Each BiCon has some 80 sessions, run in 75-minute timeslots. All are run by people like you – you don’t need any special expertise. Sessions can directly relate to bisexuality, or not.

Sessions can take almost any form:

  • A workshop, for example, doing something creative or learning a skill
  • A ‘space’ for informal discussion on a topic, or ‘safe space’ where only people who identify as members of a named group attend, such as genderqueer, disabled people or people of colour
  • A talk, followed by questions and answers
  • A game, whether a board game, an indoor social game – such as live action space invaders – or an outdoor activity, like tag or social skate
  • Slightly structured socialising, such as Speed Friending.

Need inspiration? Here are some examples of sessions and last year’s programme.

What sort of evening entertainments could I offer?

Friday and Saturday night entertainments at BiCon can feature DJs, dance, musicians, comedy, magic, burlesque and almost anything else.

This year we’re especially interested in hearing from:

  • DJs who can create a varied set list, including R&B, reggae and soul among other styles.
  • Performers who can do a short slot of 20 minutes or so, either mobile or with minimal set-up.

Can I offer something not mentioned here?


Can I propose an idea for a session or entertainment that I can’t deliver myself?

Yes. Either put your idea in a comment on this post or email it to 2015programme@deleted.

If I offer a session or entertainment, will it definitely go on the programme?

Most do. Sometimes we have more ideas offered than can fit on the programme, so we have to choose what we think will have widest appeal and create a balanced programme. Rarely, we feel an idea isn’t a good fit for BiCon. If several similar ideas are offered, we’ll discuss with you how they could be combined or which one to go with.

When do I have to offer by idea by, and when will I know if it’s on the programme?

We need your offer by 30 June at the latest, but please submit as early as you can. We’ll announce confirmed sessions and entertainments as and when. The full programme comes out near the end of July.

Will you pay me to run a session or provide entertainment?

We’d love to, but we can’t. BiCon is run entirely by unpaid volunteers. We will, however, cover the cost of some resources.

BiCon 2015 offer session entertainment button

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  1. I am willing to do some dj-ing. I have a varied selection of records but maybe could do a couple hours roots proto punk and post punk: Velvet underground, Iggy pop, Lou Reed, Television, new york dolls, Bowie, modern lovers, talking heads, Patti Smith, Interpol etc

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