Extra Access Fund – closed

The Extra Access Fund is now closed as all the funds have been allocated to applicants.

BiCon 2015 has received a generous one-off donation to the Access Fund. We want to use this money to enable people to attend BiCon who are:

  • new to BiCon, and
  • from groups traditionally under-represented at BiCon.

Under-represented groups at BiCon and in UK bi spaces include:

  • People of Colour, including those of mixed heritage
  • Working class people
  • People aged over 55
  • People aged 16 to 21

Types of subsidised tickets available through the Extra Access Fund are:

  • £3 One-day pass
  • £5 Full event with no accommodation
  • £10 Full event, two nights accommodation
  • £15 Full event, three nights accommodation

How to apply for the Extra Access Fund

The Extra Access Fund is now closed.

What we're doing to be more welcoming

As well as the Extra Access Fund, BiCon does a number of things to be more inclusive and welcoming. For example:

  • Jacq of Bisexuals of Colour wrote about why Bis of Colour might want to come to BiCon. There's been a Bis of Colour session at every BiCon since 2010 for People of Colour only, run as a safer-space session. People of Colour can also request a room in an accommodation area with other People of Colour if they wish.
  • Recent BiCons have had sessions for older bi people. We're working on recruiting someone to run sessions for older and younger bi people. There has been a session about social class as well.

We also provide:

  • Sessions for first-time attendees and facilitators.
  • Fun sessions alongside more serious or structured sessions.
  • "Community Info Zones": posters on topics including how to be inclusive to groups such as People of Colour and disabled people.
  • A session called How we can reduce racism at BiCon and LGBT+ spaces highlighting common issues and starting points for people to make a difference.
  • Meet and mingle signs in social spaces where people are actively welcoming others to join them.
  • A code of conduct outlining expected attendee behaviour, including how to avoid common mistakes.

If you have any questions please email 2015@deleted in complete confidence and we'll reply as well as we can.

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